EX final

I hope somebody will create gifs with two dancing dorks at the end :D

Men FP

Men FP, 6.10


morning pratice

My zoom is really bad, so sorry for low quality.


Choreography, Yuzu likes it.

My dear judges…

Stop breaking Yuzuru’s beautiful wings and replacing them with plastics covered with golden feathers. Please, stop it.


Watching this made me feel even more dissatisfied with his long this season. This performance made (and still makes) me emotional. This season, however, his LP has does nothing for me. I thought I’d grow to like it because the Finlandia performance showed potential. but instead I like it less and less.

it seems to me like he doesn’t like his ndp lp as well.


Translations for Yuzuru’s EX “Hana ni Nare” :D (had to reupload/try many times because the original file was too big :/) I made the words a bit smaller so the people who don’t want text in their faces can enjoy the video too ;)